Kelly Coulter Photography, LLC | The Benefit of Two Photographers

Why 2 photographers?  

Sandra and Shelly, the two faces behind Kelly Coulter Photography, are dedicated to working together to capture the BEST photos possible that truly represent the beauty of YOU! Teamwork is a huge benefit. Each photographer has her own unique style and set of eyes that will capture a different layer of depth of you and your family. Many sessions will include the two photographers splitting up to capture different members of a family at the same time, maximizing the hour long sitting fee. For example, Shelly may step aside with Mom and Dad to really capture that love that built the family...while Sandra may be climbing trees with the kids to get that perfect shot to represent the energy and life of childhood. Then the whole family may come back together and both photographers will work together to create the perfect family shot. Teamwork is a beautiful thing! And the chances of catching that perfect shot are increased by 100% with two cameras clicking away.  

And, of course, the benefits of having Kelly Coulter Photography at your wedding is obvious! Two of us can be in more places at once than one person...for a comparable price. Just think, Sandra can be getting that sweet shot of the bridesmaids fanning the beautiful bride while Shelly can be sure to get that sweet shot of Grandma and Grandpa being seated at the same time. 

The benefits are immeasurable. 

This is us at the I Heart Faces Photography Conference in Dallas. October 2012.

We learned so much and had a ton of fun too!